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I'm Not Hitting My Fitness Goals Even Though I Eat Clean and Train Hard

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A lot of athletes and fitness advocates go to extreme measures with their diets and workout routines to hit their personal goals. Open up your Instagram and you'll get blasted with gym selfies and food porn showcasing intense weight lifting and cardio workouts along with protein shakes and salads to make sure we have proof these individuals are "grinding." That doesn't impress me; reason is you can look healthy but still be far from it when you look at the health markers of these individuals.

What you don't see or hear about is what these gym-goers and weekend warriors use on their body such as hand soap, toothpaste, deodorant, lotions and especially makeup for women. That's where an underlying hindrance resides for most athletes....Toxins, Chemicals, Endocrine Disruptors anyway you want to say it they are everywhere and doing damage. You can find these chemicals in the containers and utensils our fitness loving community uses for their "meal prepped" lunches, or take a look at the detergent we choose to use to wash our sweat drenched workout apparel, along with the water bottles and protein shakers we are using. If it's made out of plastic is most likely crap!

What we are seeing with these toxic products is alarming from increases in disease and cancer rates. Autism is on the rise at a terrifying rate, obesity is at an all time high, cognitive disease like Alzheimer's isn't getting any better and everyday battles with anxiety and depression are reported by the millions. It's hard for some people to grasp since living this way is all we've ever known but a lifestyle that's filled with exposure to chemicals can have your health in shambles!

In today's world of mass production and capitalism we have an environment full of pollution and toxins. Most companies are more concerned about making a buck over their customers' health. Thankfully with social media, documentaries, and general consumer demands for more transparency we are seeing a shift for safer and Eco-friendly products entering back into the marketplace.

There's over 84,000 chemicals used in this world and again they're everywhere from food to clothing to furniture. Now for starters I'll provide a short list of toxins you should steer clear of:

Artificial Colors/Dyes
Petroleum by-products (Paraffin Oil & Paraffin Wax)

Ok I could have made that list A LOT longer but you're getting the point. Those listed ingredients are all endocrine disrupters...meaning they interfere with your hormones. With a steady dose of endocrine disrupters you'll fall victim to brain fog, irregular sleep, anxiety, and both lower testosterone and libido. What you'll find is the toxic overload leads to a chain-link effect of detrimental health get poor sleep so you can't recover properly from yesterday's workout, the lack of sleep leads to brain fog and sugar cravings...then the lethargy has you releasing more of the stress hormone cortisol (which is known for slowing down your metabolism and leading to fat storage). So you head into the gym and rinse and repeat....this cycle gets you nowhere even when that diet is right and the workouts are intense.

I see these types of people every time I step foot in the gym. You can't outrun the damage of endocrine disrupters. When you plateau it is often from overtraining and/or stress. Chemicals are powerful stress inducing compounds but luckily for us they are also relatively easy to avoid.

So the choice becomes yours to make a change and demand safer products for our future. Do your health a favor and make the change to all natural products. When evaluating personal care items that have ingredients coming in contact with your body read the ingredients label and look for certifications such as USDA Organic. There are also great resources available to be your guide when looking to purchase items such as the EWG Healthy Living and Think Dirty apps. I'm certain you'll be resting better and increasing your peak performance.
Naturally Yours,

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