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You might be thinking that even that when you take shower on regular basis, then why you have a body odor. Natural body odor is inherent in all human beings and is humanly phenomenon, but few body odors are so severe that you cannot prevent them even when you take a bath. It can be because of different things like your diet and choice of food. Here is a list of 8 surprising body odor causes and how to prevent them

1. Low Carbohydrates Diet
Many people who are constantly taking a minimum amount of carbohydrates in order to lose some weight are likely to have body odor. There is nothing wrong with weight loss because everyone wants to look smarter, but if you do not consider the impact of the food that you are taking then it can cause some trouble. A research was conducted in 2014 which indicated that if you take minimum carbohydrates, it can surely be helpful in weight loss, but it has side effects as well like it can cause body odor.
When you take fewer carbohydrates, the number of proteins in your body rises, and your body releases a lot of ketones into your bloodstream causing body odor and strong smelly urine. To reduce body odor, you are suggested to take balanced diets.

2. Stress
Stress can also cause body odor because when you are stressed, the apocrine glands produce “stress sweat”. You will be surprised to know that there are different types of sweat and the worst among them is the stress sweat. The stress sweat is different from other sweats because it is produced by apocrine glands and the sweat produced has less water but is high in fats and proteins. On the other hand, if you take notice of your routine sweat, it will be less smelly because it is comprised of electrolytes and water.
To reduce this smelly sweat, take exercise regularly because it will reduce your stress level. You can also take meditation classes to reduce stress: if you are looking for meditation classes online, you can explore these on
Groupon which you can get at discounted prices.

3. Eating Red Meat
Red meat is very hard to digest, and if you are taking large quantities of red meat on daily basis, then it is possible that you will have body odor. The main reason is that when you eat red meat, it takes lots of energy to digest it, and because of this you sweat more. As the digestion rate is slower, different foul smelling gasses are produced and excreted. The other reason is that there are lots of amino acids in meat and after digestion, there remains some residue in the intestines, and which when goes to the blood stream causes a foul smell.

4. Caffeine and Alcohol
If you are taking caffeine and alcohol in large amounts then it can also be one of many reasons causing body odor. If you read about coffee, you will come to know that it is highly acidic and when you take coffee, it makes your body sweat more. In a similar way, when you drink alcohol, it goes to your blood stream, and it might seep out into the pores of your skin causing body odor. You are suggested to avoid coffee and alcohol.

5. Cruciferous Vegetables

If your diet contains large amounts of cruciferous food like cabbage and cauliflower, then you might have body odor because this food contains large amounts of sulfur which cause a pungent odor.

If you want to remove some amount of sulfur from these cruciferous foods, you are suggested to boil them.

6. Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious problem, and if you haven’t treated it properly, it can cause ketoacidosis and which can be the cause of body odor. If your body is not producing sufficient insulin, your body will keep on breaking fats for energy. The burning of fats results in ketones causing a smelly odor.

7. Constipation
If you have constipation, then it is possible that the toxins that are present in the waste materials will seep into the bloodstream of your body causing a fecal body odor.
The best way to avoid constipation is to take a diet that is rich in fibers. The fibers ensure the smooth movement of bowls.

8. High Consumption of Refined Sugar
According to different studies, the high consumption of refined sugar can also lead to body odor. Because of the consumption of high amounts of refined sugar, the amount of yeast grows in your body increases and which when combined with the bacteria in your armpit, causes body odor.

This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.

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