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Why We Launched Rooted Athlete

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For quite some time Jack and I kept talking about products we wished we could use that worked and were not full of chemicals or proprietary blends.  We have developed a complex of trying to ensure every item we apply or touch with our body is free of endocrine disruptors.  

In a perfect world, no one would be exposed to the harmful substances you see in the products we consume today.  BPA, hormone disrupters, carcinogens... the list goes on.  Rooted Athlete wants to take a step in the right direction with all natural personal care items.  Unlike the big name brands you see in stores that are concerned with profit over people, Rooted Athlete has our customers' health in mind.

We get it though, we've all been skeptical about switching out our personal care items, and we come across disappointment whenever we purchase natural products that don't work.  Jack and I relentlessly test every product we use and research every ingredient in it to confirm that 1.) the product actually works 2.) there will not be any negative health effects to a product that we are using to improve our health and hygiene. 

Endocrine disruptors (chemicals) interfere with your hormones which regulate all sorts of bodily functions such as sleep, metabolism, and muscle growth.  Our goal is to help support a healthy and fit body and allow you to maximize the efforts you put forth to achieve your goals.  It's silly to think your toothpaste, sunscreen, and deodorant can actually lead to thyroid issues, anxiety and depression, while also inhibiting your ability to lose fat; but in reality that's the fact if you're using most mass-produced commercially available personal care items.

Rooted Athlete will bring you products that:

  • Support a positive mood and libido
  • Help sleep quality
  • Increase mental clarity, focus, and alertness
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Our journey is just beginning and we are excited to bring you a deodorant that you can count on and feel good about knowing it's not interfering with you achieving your fittest and healthiest self.   

Much Love,

Nick and Jack


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