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Balance Your pH with Apple Cider Vinegar, and Make Your Homemade Deodorant Work Again

There is a small percentage of the population that has a baking soda sensitivity.  Because of this, baking-soda-based homemade deodorants will occasionally throw your pH balance out of whack. Why? Because, you’re constantly applying an incredibly alkaline substance to your skin, and as a result you end up with raw, itchy irritated skin. Although some people can go a lifetime and never have the pH imbalance. I call these people SupHer Heroes, and there are a LOT more of you out there than you would think – in fact, I’d say 75% of the people I’ve talked to have never had an adverse reaction pH-wise to baking soda.

To bring some relief to the pH imbalanced skin, all you need are two things:

  • Distilled or well-filtered water
  • Apple cider vinegar



This is, perhaps, one of the easiest things in the world you can do.

Mix together water and apple cider vinegar.

No pHd required. (Get it? pH? D? Hilarity).

Anyway, here’s a great proportion:


One tablespoon ACV to 1 cup distilled (or well filtered) water.

Mix that together in a small container (if you have a spray bottle, this would be absolutely awesome as a little spray).

How to Apply Your pH Rebalancer

Before you apply your homemade deodorant, dab on a small amount of your sweet, simple rebalancer, and rub it all over your armpit area. Hold those arms up there and let it dry completely. Then, once it’s dry, apply your deodorant.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to wait 30 minutes to an hour to apply baking-soda-based deodorant (or apple cider vinegar) for that matter, if you’ve shaved in the shower. Nothing says ouch like applying either of these things to nicked, irritated-with-a-blade skin.

Now, if you’ve let things build up until you have rawness, you might want to take a total break from your baking-soda-based deodorant for about a week, and apply this pH rebalancer two times a day. In fact, you may even find that THIS (the apple cider vinegar and water mixture) is the only deodorant you need at this point.

But, either way, spend some time allowing your pH to come back to a good baseline (you’ll know you’re there when the itching and redness is completely gone).

From then on, you can just use the rebalancer before you apply your deodorant, as outlined above.

And that’s it! Simple enough, ain’t it?

Easy bio hack for your health!  This is an article written by  Our customers found it a great resource so we had to repost!  Much appreciation Betty for all the great content and passion towards health.  Click here for full article.


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