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Skip the Chlorinated Pool for Better Health

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Ahh yes summer is upon us and nothing sounds more relaxing than getting out of the heat and into a revitalizing pool.  I have enjoyed being around water, with that mainly being swimming pools, ever since I can remember.  I would spend hours of my summer days in pools playing and escaping the sizzling summer days to cool off.  Unbeknownst to be me until just a few years ago did I realize how harsh those chlorinated pools were on my body as I was dipping into a reservoir full of chemicals.

Like most chemicals chlorine is very soluble meaning it’s absorbed easily by our skin.  The frightening thing is that if you’re uniformed like I was most of my life you’ll be enjoying that refreshing pool but putting your body in harm.  People don't think of chlorine as a carcinogen, but it truly is and has been linked to cancer; specifically skin cancer when chlorine is not ingested but in contact with the skin.  It's crazy to see we worry about the sun damage but neglect to think about how chlorinated water can cause severe skin damage as well.  However, there is no need to completely freak out as it will take a lot of exposure to put you at great harm but if you’re already living a life that is in constant consumption of various toxins from the environment, your diet, and personal care items swimming can just compound things.  

Excessive exposure to chlorine has been linked to birth defects and reproductive issues.  One thing to note is that children are more susceptible to hormone disruption than adults from chlorine so start your kids off right and find a safe alternative.  When we think of swimming we always see advertisements of beautiful people with youthful and glowing skin well that’s not the case either.  Chlorine strips away natural oils and sebum along with good bacteria which our skin relies on.  All this damage causes your skin to dry out and crack while over time leading to the onset of wrinkles.  Premature aging concerns are a hot topic in today's world and swimming in the wrong type of waters is going to cause harm so here's what you can do to stay looking youthful and healthy while maintaining that wrinkle free smooth skin of a baby.

Recommendations for Enjoying Your Summer Swim Sessions:

  • Shower immediately before and after with an all-natural soap and shampoo
  • Enter the pool well hydrated, make sure you’ve had a good amount of clean filtered water prior to swimming
  • Stay away from indoor chlorinated pools where the fumes and gases are much easily inhaled due to lack of ventilation
  • Get some healthy fats and antioxidants in your system prior to swimming because they protect skin from chlorine, along with Vitamin C, D, and E

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